5. Conclusion

The robotic arm has failed in terms of fulfilling its function to pick up items like rocks. The Arduino UNO was programmed successfully and each servo motor was able to move their assigned parts individually. However, when the entire robotic arm is assembled together, the lower section of the arm is not able to hold up the upper section of the arm due to the change in servo motors (HS-755HB to Tower pro 646WP) and unbalanced forces and moments acting on the arm.

Similar projects on developing a robotic arm were successful as the arms were able to support its weight and pick up objects. A project called ‘Multiply the robotic arm and electronics’ made use of materials such as hardwood to build each part of the arm instead of acrylic. Other similar projects mostly made use of materials such as aluminium or the robotic arm parts are entirely made by 3D printing.

Another robotic arm project used the servo HITEC HS-755HB for the lower arm section. The motor was able to support their upper section of the arm and it functioned as planned. Our project was originally going to use the servo HITEC HS-755HB. However, we replaced it with the Tower pro 646WP. This therefore contributed to the lack of support for the upper arm section.

Therefore, in future projects, we would have to consider the weight of each part of the robotic arm and ensure that the type of motors picked for each parts are appropriate(example: able to support to a certain weight). We would also change the type of materials we used to build the parts of the robotic arm. Instead of acrylic sheets, we could use aluminum or hardwood or 3D print every part.

5.1 Practical Applications

We can use it to help people pick up chemicals or harmful items. It can also help during interactive science lessons for chemicals that the students cannot touch. It can contribute to the industrial society by making the whole thing bigger.

5.2 Areas for further study

We can study on how exactly other robotic arm projects could enable their robotic arm to balance despite the unbalanced forces and moment.

There could be a robotic arm to help the elderly to pick up items when they cannot move.

We could study on how to develop a robotic arm which is strong and able to pick up heavier items.

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